New Farming Equipment Turned Over for the Farmers in Iligan


Turnover of the two farming equipment during the flag ceremony.

Yesterday, November 26, during the flag ceremony at the Anahaw Amphitheatre, the new Mini Tractor and Cassava Grating Machine were turned over for the farmers of Brgy. Bunawan and Sta. Elena in the City of Iligan.

The two items of equipment were acquired from the Department of Agriculture through the request of Councilor Eric Capitan, Chairman of the Committee on Agriculture.

The Cassava Grating Machine

In the past months, other farming equipment such as the Mobile Rice Mills and Tractors were also turned over for the farmers. Aside from these, there are also other more assistance from the National Government that are yet to arrive.


The Mini Tractor for faster plowing and tilling.

With the new equipment given for the farmers in the city, farmers in the city now have tools which will make the process of farming and production more efficient.


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