Iligan City Celebrates ERPAT Day


City Councilor Ryan Ong gives a speech for the celebration of the ERPAT Day during the flag ceremony at the Anahaw Amphitheatre, June 25.

The City of Iligan celebrates the ERPAT Day today, June 25.

ERPAT, or Empowerment and Reaffirmation of Paternal Abilities Training, is a series of training and workshops conducted by the City Social Welfare and Development, which aims to empower the fathers of the families in every barangay to become more responsible individuals for their family and the society.

During the flag ceremony this morning at the Anahaw Amphitheatre, Councilor Rhandy Ryan Francis Ong, the Chairman of the Committee on Social Services, explained the three reasons for celebrating the ERPAT Day in the city. First is to provide attention and/or assistance to the fathers in every barangay. Second, a rehabilitation to husbands or fathers who have been drawn to different vices. Lastly, to bring unity among the people of Iligan.

Unang-unang rason nganong [aduna kitay ERPAT nga gipahigayon], tungod kay gusto nato matagaan og pagtagad ang mga amahan diha sa matag barangay. Dili man nato malukop tanan, [but] at least, maski pa man sa inani na pamaagi, matagaan og pagtagad ang mga amahan, mga igsuon ko, ang pamilya is the smallest unit of our society. Diha naga-gikan tanan. Ang [values], tanan. Ug ang mga amahan maoy haligi sa pamilya.

“Ikaduhang rason, […] duna man pud tay atong mga igsuon nga nalulong sa mga bisyo […]. Naa usab naapil diha sa ERPAT ug nagahatag og kausaban sa ilahang kinabuhi. Naghatag og paglaom sa ilahang matag kinabuhi diha sa ilahang pamilya.

“Ug number one reason why we are celebrating  ERPAT Day,  nakahibalo ta sa klima sa politika diri sa syudad sa Iligan. Ang akoang damgo, ug ang akoang gusto mahitabo maski inani lamang nga pamaagi, magkahiusa tanang Iliganon diri sa syudad sa Iligan pinaagi pagselebrar sa ERPAT Day karong adlawa. Unity is very important. Dili siguro nato na makab-ot karon, pero karong adlawa, magkahiusa unta ang Iliganon.

Councilor Ong ended his speech with a quote from the Bible, “Husbands, love your wives. And wives, be submissive to your husbands.”

To date, ERPAT has 392 active members in Iligan, and the CSWD continues to provide a series of training to the different barangays of the city.

A motorcade then started after the flag ceremony which headed to the City Plaza where the program was held. The ERPAT Day is celebrated in Iligan City every last Monday of the month of June.


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